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Winmor Registration

Registering WINMOR TNC records your program for support, and provides a 'key' that removes the 'nag' screen in the program and provides license to the program. Your fee is not a donation, and according to USA IRS rules, may not be claimed as a charitable tax deduction.

Winmor is an HF radio transmission protocol for the Winlink system. Winmor was introduced at the 2008 ARRL / TAPR Digital Communications Conference in Chicago. Unlike PACTOR, only a simple computer soundcard-to-radio interface is required, and it will run as a "virtual TNC" with Paclink and RMS software. Additional information about Winmor can be found on the Winlink web site.

The Winmor protocol was developed by Rick Muething, KN6KB and Victor Poor, W5SMM (SK).


Registration provides you license and a key to use the WINMOR virtual TNC with your callsign alone or with any SSID (1-15) on multiple computers or multiple instances on the same computer. This license key is not transferable and can only be used with the callsign originally used for registration. Complete license information can be found in the license.txt file included with the WINMOR TNC. Consult the documentation for your particular application for details on how to apply the registration key.

Your registration fee helps fund further software development and other projects sponsored by the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation.

The registration fee for WINMOR TNC is $24.

Please enter your name and callsign below (being sure to enter your callsign correctly as the registration key applies to the entered (just one) callsign only). Then, press the "Register Using PayPal" button to be transferred to the PayPal secure web site where you can provide payment using your PayPal account or any major credit card.

If you have problems obtaining your registration key send a message with your transaction details to [email protected].